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We don't just want to tell you what we can do, we want to show you what we can do. Our patient testimonial videos below share the personal experiences our patients have had at Smile Designs Implant Studio.

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Full Arch Implants

Ian is from Keighley West Yorkshire and is an ex-fireman. Ian had a fear of opening his mouth properly, he had gaps at the bottom of his teeth and was lacking in confidence. Ian sadly lost his wife the year before having his implants. He had several teeth taken out and was given a denture over 10 years ago which did not suit his mouth, he couldn’t eat properly, he couldn’t chew properly, he tried different adhesives and found it really uncomfortable.

Ian decided enough was enough and looked for an alternative which is where he discovered Smile Designs Implant Studio. Ian did not like going to the dentist and found that it was an unpleasant experience but has commented on saying that Smile Designs Implant Studio is totally different to other dentists and is such a happy place he felt really relaxed straight away.

Having implants meant to Ian that he was able to speak properly and smile properly and after full arch implants, Ian has got his smile back!


Full Arch Implants

Originally from Northern Ireland Cheryl has lived in West Yorkshire for the last 20 years, her past dental experiences were not very positive and she has had a long history with dental procedures starting at the age of 14 when Cheryl lost her first adult tooth. Cheryl felt as though she was judged because of her smile and teeth especially as it took her so long to eat food, she had even stopped going out for meals because of this factor. Fast forward and Cheryl is a different person, she can’t stop smiling because of her new teeth, and has said that having new teeth has given her a huge confidence boost!


Full Arch Implants

Debra is from Leeds and owns a newsagents shop and worked part-time in a GP surgery. Debra dreaded the thought of false teeth (dentures). Eating was a problem for Debra, she hadn’t eaten an apple since before the age of 16. Debra like a lot of our clients did her research on implants and following looking on the internet she found Smile Designs Implant Studio.

Debra has stated, “they don’t even feel like implants, they feel like my own teeth”.

With a full arch of teeth, Debra now is enjoying eating anything she likes, has tons more confidence and is especially enjoying eating apples!



Full Arch Implants

Dawn is from Leeds and is a mental health support worker, working in the community she has a very face to face job. Dawn has always had a fear of dentists going back as far as she can remember, there have always been complications with her past dentists and she has never been able to find a dentist where she feels comfortable.

Dawn came to us following having a plate made by a private dentist which didn’t fit properly, it hurt her mouth and she had had enough. While doing research into what other options could be available to her Dawn discovered Smile Designs Implant Studio via Facebook.

Following having full arch implants Dawn’s confidence has grown, she herself has commented saying that her face has changed shape following her implants and she feels so much happier about her teeth and smile, there is no more covering her mouth when she talks coming to us was like a breath of fresh air for her, and she’s recovered her smile!


Full Arch Implants

Sue is from Lincolnshire but is originally from East Yorkshire. Sues’ teeth were ok until around the age of 40 but then she developed problems. Her husband suggested that Sue should have something more permanent which would be suitable for the rest of her life. Sue expresses during her video that her experience was not like any normal operation, there was so much care during her procedure and she is over the moon with the results. She’s got her confidence back and loved being in front of our camera.

In fact, Sue was so great in front of the camera, we couldn’t just do one video! Hear more from her here.


Partial Implants And Crowns

Glynis feels as though it’s like going back to when she was 21 again when she had all her own teeth.

Glynis had a partial dental implant that has now changed her diet from soft foods to anything that she wants to eat!

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