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Surgery Precision and Planning

Technologies evolve rapidly in the modern world in many industries. Within dentistry, technology is something we pay extra attention to. There are constant new advancements in our field that allow our work to be more accurate, more precise and increasingly digitally-focused.

Our On-site Laboratory

At Smile Designs Dental Implant Studio, we take pride in being on top of technological developments, bringing the highest of standards to our patients as well as educating fellow clinicians. The equipment housed in our on-site dental laboratory allows us to offer the most precise and tailored solutions.

Some of our most advanced systems include an in-house CBCT scanner (Cone Beam Computer Tomography), a fully digital CAD/CAM workflow to design your life-changing smile and 3D printers to print trial smiles, models and surgical guides.

What is a CBCT Scan?

This method of scanning allows us to gain three-dimensional images in high resolution of your teeth, soft tissue, nerves and bone. It gives us a greater insight than a typical x-ray, with a lower dose of radiation to you. With a virtual model of your mouth from all angles, we are able to create a smile that is perfectly aligned and suited to you.

What is Guided Surgery?

We believe that all our treatments should be carried out with the highest level of precision, using dependable equipment that’s recognised for its outstanding results. Guided surgery allows us to do this using an amalgamation of advanced technologies. For patients, the process of guided surgery is smooth, yet the results are life-changing.

We use technology to combine your CBCT scans, models of your mouth and forecasts of the final outcome. This then allows us to strategise the surgery before your appointment. The software we use allows us to plan the placement of your implants, utilising surgical guides to increase the precision in reality.

This area of dentistry is something we not only conduct in-house but educate other practitioners on. We are recognised both nationally and internationally for training practitioners on how best to use this technology to forward plan and increase their precision.

With over 3,500 implants placed and a 99% success rate, our dental implants assisted by the technology of guided surgery are a predictable, modern way to replace teeth and restore a natural, functional tooth. We give smiles that shine and allow our patients to live their lives with confidence.



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Patient Journey

Step 1:<br>Consultation

Step 1:

Step 2:<br>Dental Health Assessment

Step 2:
Dental Health Assessment

Step 3:<br>Treatment Options

Step 3:
Treatment Options

Step 4:<br>Dental Treatment

Step 4:
Dental Treatment

Step 5:<br>Maintenance & Aftercare

Step 5:
Maintenance & Aftercare

Step 6:<br>Smiles all around

Step 6:
Smiles all around


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