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Our clinic is like no other, if you are used to the bog-standard white dental clinics ours is not like that. We have designed our bespoke dental clinic with the aim of it being warm, homely and inviting from the moment you walk in the door. Our aim is to make you feel at home and fully relaxed before your procedure. 


5,000+ implants placed
200+ Jaw Treatments completed this year alone!
Over 10 years of knowledge and expertise
10 Handpicked team members for you!

Dr. David Veige DD, BDS, MJDF (RCS. Eng.), MSc. Implantology

We have been around for more than 10 years, moving our premises in 2019 we opened Smile Designs Implant Studio in Harrogate North Yorkshire….   

In 2000 Dr David Veige began his education as a dental technician at George Brown College in Toronto. Moving to the UK he studied Dentistry at the University of Newcastle. He trained as a dental technician, being responsible for the fabrication of highly aesthetic crowns, veneers and implant restorations.  

After his graduation, Dr Veige completed a Master of Science degree in Implantology. This means he has skills as both a dental technician and an implant surgeon (which is a rare combination among dentists in the UK). This gives him a unique and advanced perspective on dental artistry.

Dr David Veige


Dr Veige has a particular interest in minimally invasive guided implant dentistry. This technology uses specialised implant planning software and guides to accurately, safely and painlessly place dental implants to restore natural smiles. Because of Dr Veige’s methods, our clinicians complete full mouth one-day dental implants in just three hours.  

The facilities we have, along with Dr Veige’s extensive experience providing patients with the most aesthetic, long-lasting smiles, make us a reliable choice for all patients.

With a dental laboratory, implant clinic and educational facility, Dr Veige teaches implant dentistry to dentists across the UK, he is a leader in the industry of clinical dentistry, a lecturer, clinical mentor to dentists.


Travelling for treatment

Because of the service we provide our patients they travel from all over the country to see us and get dental implants in the UK.

Anxious Patients

We specialise in working with nervous patients, in fact, our patients walk into the clinic as strangers and leave as friends.

Our clinicians and team work with you to make sure that you feel comfortable throughout your journey. 

Everyone at Smile Designs Implant Studio understands that past experiences can have a detrimental impact on your feelings about the dentist. It’s important for us to be completely transparent with our patients and give them the best advice to ensure they’re comfortable and happy at all times. 

With all procedures as standard, we offer local anaesthetic, however, if you would prefer to be asleep for your procedure, we do offer the option of sedation.  

Our team members are like one big family and we welcome each patient into our community with open arms. We are always here for our patients ready to answer your questions and no question will go unanswered.   

We are here to give you advice and guide you through your journey so you never feel anxious or alone, all we want is for you to have a stress free transformation and get that smile back on your face! 


What more our prices have no hidden costs to find out more click here.

For other tips to ease a fear of the dentist see here for details.

Patient Journey

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Step 1:

Step 2:<br> Telephone Consultation

Step 2:
Telephone Consultation

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Step 3:
New Patient Consultation

Step 4:<br> Surgery Day

Step 4:
Surgery Day

Step 5:<br> 3 Week Review

Step 5:
3 Week Review

Step 6:<br> Final Teeth Fitting

Step 6:
Final Teeth Fitting

Step 7:<br> 12 Month Review

Step 7:
12 Month Review


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