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1 March 2022


"Am I too old for dental implants?"

Did you lose your teeth a while ago? Have you been suffering with dentures ever since? Did you think that there was no hope for you? Have you thought are dental implants safe for seniors?

Well, we are here to give you hope!

Dental implants are safe for people over 70! In fact, they are a better option than a removable bridge or dentures because they cannot be misplaced and if you sadly develop medical issues in the future, you are not likely to forget to put your teeth in. Plus, there is no choking hazard from having dental implants.

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, DO IT, live out the rest of your life in comfort eating and drinking what you like, we want to make you happy!

Is there any way that I could not be a suitable candidate for dental implants?

The way we assess if you are suitable for dental implants is by completing digital scans, this way we can see how dense your jawbone is and if implants will take to your jawbone. Saying this though, the majority of our patients are suitable for dental implants

(put it this way, if you have teeth no matter how little the amount we will be able to place dental implants).


Are there any medical reasons why I can't have dental implants?

A person needs to be in good health for dental implants, your body needs to recover like with any kind of surgery. If a patient is diabetic, we can treat them but will request some blood work tests to be done prior to surgery to make sure they are OK. If a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, we will not treat them until they are in remission.


Can I have dental implants if I have receding gums?   

Yes, you can! During the planning stage, our clinicians will redefine your smile line so that everything is in proportion according to your face and smile.   


Can I have dental implants if I have gum disease?   

Yes, you can! In fact, most of our patients come to us with some form of gum disease.   

 What is the dental implants cost for seniors?

We do not do any discount for seniors but we do have set prices and our prices are competitive with those in the UK.

Full dental implants cost:


Upper jaw dental implants:


Lower Jaw dental implants:




So what are you waiting for?

Why not call us today on 01423 536979 and get started with your dental implant journey, trust us, you won't regret it!

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