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7 December 2021

As a private dental clinic, we have directed our attention fully to Dental implants. In particular, full mouth dental implants (this is also known as teeth in a day and all on four).

We are an implant specific clinic, there are no other clinics in the UK that perform the implant procedures in the time frame and method that we do. With an adjoining dental laboratory inside the building where our Dental practice is located, we can manufacture and alter teeth when needed. No other clinic in the UK can perform a full arch dental implant procedure in just 3 hours, many clinics can take up to 6 hours to complete just a single arch dental implant procedure. This is due to the state of the art digital, modern systems that we have implemented into our practice.

The more you do something the better you become, Dental implants are our passion, our craft, our skill and we are one of the top dental implant clinics in the UK.

Dr David will not conduct any invasive dentistry work if it is not needed to and would rather keep healthy teeth if possible. He is constantly learning and studying perfecting his craft, he is an international lecturer of implant mentoring and guided surgery.

Bruce Lee Quote

"Why are your prices so high"?

Based on competitive research around the whole of the UK we are one of the lowest cost private dental clinics for full mouth dental implants.

Smile Designs Implant Studio understands and appreciates that even though our costs are lower than the average this is still a significant financial purchase for patients. We truly believe this is an investment in yourself and see first-hand how this can positively impact someone’s life.

We use cutting edge technology to become more efficient at what we do, using the best quality implants and materials for the restorations.  Producing all our teeth onsite allows us to not have to outsource manufacturing, enabling us to reduce our costs, passing this reduction onto to the patient by reducing our fees.

At Smile Designs Implant Studio, our products are simple, and no additional costs will be added to our prices no matter how complicated your case:

· Single Mouth Dental Implants (top or bottom) - £12,500

· Essential Full Mouth Dental Implants - £17,000

· Advanced Full Mouth Dental Implants - £21,000 - The Difference Between Essential and Advanced: Milled titanium bar for extra support and strength in your final permanent teeth

· Premium Full Mouth Dental Implants - £23,000 - The difference between Advanced and Premium: Additional pterygoid implants, which are placed into the pterygoid instead of the jawbone they create additional support for patients who do not have a good quality bone in their jaw. Also included is a milled titanium bar for extra support and strength in your final permanent teeth

· Sedation Fee (if required) – £1,000 Per procedure

All our prices include:

· Extractions

· Implants

· Final Restoration / Teeth (arches)

· Scans

· Follow up appointments

· Temporary teeth (arches)

· Anesthetic

0% APR finance is available for 12 Months.