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16 July 2021

Dentures VS Implants, when you think about missing teeth, you may think of dentures. They are surely a go-to classic option for replacing missing teeth, but are they the best choice? Dental implants have had a huge impact on the world of dentistry over the past three decades and with technology constantly changing there are a lot more options for people now. Here we are going to lay out the pros and cons of both dental implants and dentures so you can make the decision that’s best for you.


Summary: Traditional dentures are removable appliances that sit on top of your gums where the missing teeth used to be. They are typically a lower cost to full mouth dental implants and improve the ability to speak and function day-to-day compared to without teeth.


  • · Low cost
  • · Don’t require surgery
  • · Aesthetically pleasing
  • · Improve the ability to speak clearly
  • · Can be used even with damaged teeth or jaw


  • · Can be uncomfortable
  • · Affects the taste of food
  • · Can shift and click in the mouth with everyday use
  • · Can fall out meaning a constant fear when you have them in
  • · Are expensive to replace and require regular maintenance
  • · The natural bone underneath is prone to deterioration over time meaning that your denture will not fit properly and become uncomfortable, this can happen over and over again
  • · It is difficult to eat with dentures due to the bulkiness

Full Mouth Dental implants:

Summary: Full mouth dental implants are a false teeth alternative (or a better way of looking at ist is non removable false teeth) and an effective long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. Full mouth implants are the ideal solution for replacing full rows of teeth in the mouth if you’re looking for the feel, function, and fulfilment of natural teeth that last for a long time, they can also be used for single teeth or small bridges. They are also used as a false teeth replacement when someone has changed their minds about dentures.


  • · Cause little burden on the mouth
  • · Can be fitted in 3hours
  • · Last a lifetime when properly cared for
  • · Prevents bone erosion
  • · Function just like regular teeth
  • · You can eat any food with confidence with dietary freedom
  • · Improves Speech
  • · Do not need replacing in 7-15 years
  • · They are easy to maintain regularly


· Can be quite costly but finance is available and it is an investment for yourself!


We recommend full mouth dental implants as a safe and reliable long-term solution for superior smile restoration as a denture alternative. If you are thinking about getting a full mouth implant we are here to discuss your options, we have 1  price option for full mouth dental implants, 1 option for upper jaw dental implants and 1 option for lower jaw dental implants with payment plans available, click here for more information - "dental implant options".