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10 March 2021

If you're interested in a full teeth replacement in the form of full mouth dental implants, you've come to the right place. Our Clinical Director, Dr David Veige, is a leader in the industry of clinical dentistry and has been carrying out these types of treatments (among many others) for years.

The Start of the Process

Every full mouth dental solution begins with an initial meeting with the patient. We find that the best way to start is to gather as much information about the patient and how they want their new teeth to be as possible. After all, patients visit us for many reasons, from functional demand to improving poor dentition. Sometimes, the reason for someone wanting a full teeth replacement could be as simple as them wanting to be able to go to a restaurant and choose whenever they want on the menu without having to worry about their teeth. Alternatively, they may just want to be able to smile in confidence in public!

Whatever your reason is for wanting a treatment, we like to find it out in the first initial meeting. The patient consultation is really important. It not only gives us a chance to put together a treatment plan, but it gives the patient a chance to really get to know us and ask us any questions they may have.


The next step in a patient's journey when we're carrying out a treatment that involves full mouth dental implants is the diagnosis for the case. From here, we can plan the treatment. This stage typically involves taking a very accurate 3-D scan of the patient's jawbones. Once this is done, we are able to examine the patient's scans, which allows us to determine the best and most suitable position for the implants to restore their smile in full.

Following the scan, we will gather some photos of the patient so we can be sure their new, unique smile is going to fit with their face. To do this, we look at specific points on the patient's face and design the dental treatment around them. Essentially, this means that every set of teeth is tailored to perfectly suit the specific person.

Planning The Treatment Itself

It's imperative when we're planning dental surgeries to look at a process that will be both efficient and minimally invasive. We need the ability to place the implants and also immediately attach teeth to them so that the patient can walk away from the surgery in just two to three hours. It may sound like an extremely fast process, but it's completely effective.

When we're placing full mouth dental implants, we use special surgical guides which are attached to the patient's mouth. These guides allow us to accurately position implants in a predetermined way using special software. This is all prepared before the surgery, making the process smooth and simple for the patient.

The whole procedure should take around two to three hours. The patient will have local anaesthetic, as they would if they were going to a general dentist for a filling. Any original teeth will be removed, the dental implants will be placed using guided surgery, the gum tissue will then be stitched over the top and the temporary teeth will be seated on top of the implants.

Temporary teeth & Final Restoration

During treatment, when the initial teeth have been successfully placed in the patient's mouth, you are then sent away and allowed to enjoy your temporary teeth which act as a framework when we're looking ahead to our final restoration.

The final restoration is made of a material called PMMA, which is polymethylmethacrylate in our in-house laboratory - Smile Designs Dental Laboratory.

This material is a highly dense aesthetic material, which is manufactured in very strict conditions within our dental laboratory. It is milled with a very precise milling machine for the highest accuracy. This ensures the restoration fits the exact parameters of the patient and is supported by a titanium frame that attaches directly to the implants, ensuring the final restoration is extremely stable and robust.

One of the key aspects of our restoration process is that it is very serviceable. We have the ability to repair or re-manufacture the restoration on top of the implants, which is so important. We know that, over time, the restoration will wear and will most likely need maintenance. We have devised a very unique way to be able to replenish or replace the restoration with very, very minimal invasion to the patient.

Life After Treatment

One of the reasons we carry out this dental implant treatment as we do is that it's so smooth and convenient for the patient, as well as being an incredible restoration option. Because of how we plan the process, there is never any need for a patient to leave us with no teeth, or even with removable dentures. Everything will be fixed in place.

Whilst the treatment is short, we do require patients to revisit the practice in around one to two weeks after their procedure for a review. This is simply carried out to make sure everything is healing properly, and then the patient can go off and enjoy their new teeth!

If you'd like to know more or ask us any questions, please feel free to contact us.