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11 February 2021

In these uncertain times, it's hard to keep track of what you can and can not do, every aspect of our lives has been affected. Whether it's the alterations to your everyday life that you have to take or maybe adjusting to certain facilities not being available to you anymore, there has been a lot to take in. 

There have been a lot of questions asked about how this has affected your visits to your private dental practice. Are they allowed to be open under certain tier restrictions? Can I get dental implants if I live in areas like Harrogate, Leeds or Yorkshire or have procedures been limited to essential treatments only? Will I still be able to undergo my full teeth replacement? All these are valid questions someone might have as the landscape to some many businesses have changed.

As the restrictions are constantly changing due to the pandemic, people often struggle to keep up to date with what is allowed to be open and what has been forced to close. During the first lockdown, private practices had to close their doors and reopen later in the summer. Since then private dental practices in areas like Harrogate have been able to still work throughout the pandemic.

Have Treatments Been Limited?

One of the main reasons a lot of people decide to go private is the numerous cosmetic options that are only available in the private sector. People may be worried that with COVID their dentists may be limiting the treatment available. Where practices are not limiting their services they will be assessing if the treatment falls under the government's guideline as a necessary reason to leave the house. Everyone’s circumstances will differ so you will not be turned down for a cosmetic treatment if your doctor deems it necessary. Although you may consider dental implants cosmetic surgery there are a lot of practical properties to the procedure that your dentist will feel you need.

What Will Be Different When I Arrive?

As with everything, there will be a lot of changes in how you will have to act. You will be advised not to arrive any earlier than five minutes before your appointment. Make sure you have PPE when you enter any dental practice. You will have to interact with the admin staff and there is a chance you will have to be in the waiting room so make sure you protect yourselves and those around you. Use the handwashing facilities provided but also keep a bottle on you just in case. There will be markings and systems in place to guide you through the waiting areas and to the treatment rooms. Follow these instructions as they will allow you to move around the space without coming into contact with any surfaces promoting the spread of the virus. With the nature of dentistry, you will have to come into contact with your dentist however they have been working at a high standard of hygiene to safely do invasive procedures.

You will be allowed to undergo any necessary procedures from dental implants to full teeth replacement. Follow the guidelines that you have been given by the government as well as any instructions given to you by the staff or signage when you enter the building. Respect the workers as well as the people around you but importantly keep up to date with the ever-changing guidelines as we do know-how will have to adapt as people and as dentists to fight this virus.