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Get your life back!

Get your confidence back!

And say goodbye to your dentures and failing teeth for good with pain-free dental implants.

Smile Designs Implant Studio is a private cosmetic dentist in Harrogate focused on full mouth dental implants. We pride ourselves on working with nervous patients and we have chosen to focus solely on dental implants. This is our craft; trust us we know what we are doing! We do this day in and day out, every day, which is why we can perform a full mouth dental implant procedure in just 3 hours or 1.5 hours for a single jaw!

We have set prices for our treatments, we do not add on any additional extras and everything is included in the one price making us the cheapest dental implants in the UK.

Full arch implants in just 3 hours

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Patient Journey

Step 1:<br>Enquiry

Step 1:

Step 2:<br> Telephone Consultation

Step 2:
Telephone Consultation

Step 3:<br> New Patient Consultation

Step 3:
New Patient Consultation

Step 4:<br> Surgery Day

Step 4:
Surgery Day

Step 5:<br> 3 Week Review

Step 5:
3 Week Review

Step 6:<br> Final Teeth Fitting

Step 6:
Final Teeth Fitting

Step 7:<br> 12 Month Review

Step 7:
12 Month Review


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