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Full Arch Solutions

Dental implants have had a huge impact on the world of dentistry over the past three decades and we are experts in this kind of treatment. With years of experience fitting successful implants that have had a huge impact on our patients’ lives.

Patient Journey

Step 1:<br>Consultation

Step 1:

Step 2:<br>Dental Health Assessment

Step 2:
Dental Health Assessment

Step 3:<br>Treatment Options

Step 3:
Treatment Options

Step 4:<br>Dental Treatment

Step 4:
Dental Treatment

Step 5:<br>Maintenance & Aftercare

Step 5:
Maintenance & Aftercare

Step 6:<br>Smiles all around

Step 6:
Smiles all around


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Dentist Referrals

Why Choose Smile Designs?

Our experience means we can work alongside you to provide a full and effective treatment. We understand that there must be a strong level of trust between us as professionals, which is why we ensure thorough planning is undertaken and that you are updated on our progress in every step of the treatment. Ultimately, we work as a team to provide the best possible results for the patient.

What We Can Offer?

As well as being qualified in a wide range of dental procedures, we have a lab fully equipped with advanced technology that ensures precision in each treatment we carry out. Our technology can work with any smile, creating impressive and unique results. When we link state-of-the-art equipment with our expertise and attention to detail, we’re able to offer a range of life-changing dental solutions.

You can refer patients right here through the site. Just click the button below for further information and to complete the referral form.


Smile Designs Laboratory

We excel in dental treatment, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. Our laboratory has a fully digital CAD/CAM workflow, 3D printers to print trial smiles, models and surgical guides. Combining technology with knowledge, our advanced lab is a one-stop shop for all things teeth and makes ours the only clinic of its kind in the area, and one of a few in the country.

Our laboratory and studio are separate, but they work hand-in-hand to provide the most positive experience for our clients. We pride ourselves on quality, and our laboratory helps us achieve immaculate results every time.

Take a look at our dedicated laboratory website.


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